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YC-PL Fully Automatic Napkin Production Line

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/07/29

Baosuo Enterprise. established in 1989, is a well-known corporation which specializes in machinery for tissue. We uphold the business strategy of basing on the domestic market and going global, which helps to lay the foundation for building our global well-known brand. Our products include paper machines, tissue converting machines, tissue packing machines and electric intelligent systems. We are dedicated to providing the best tissue production turnkey project and first-class service from design, manufacturing to installation.

The napkin machine that is introduced to you now is YC-PL Fully Automatic Napkin Production Line. It's a brand new high-end fully automatic production line independently developed by Baosuo Company, which combines several patented technologies and adopts advanced design idea and manufacturing process. The production line possesses the following key features:


Stable and reliable in high-speed folding, superior in folding quality, producing tidy, nice and high-grade products;
The core technologies have obtained various national patents, several patents are applying around the world;
Patented super powerful vacuum suction technology is adopted in web cut-off, ensuring the tidiness of the folded facial tissue;
Core components cooperate precisely, enabling production speed up to 150m/min;
Vacuum suction and servo control apply in folding mechanism to realize automatic stack separation;
Non-stop automatic setting on sheet count, sheet counting100% accurate; 
Strong adaptability in web quality, enabling to produce various grades of napkin tissue;
With high-end CPU for data processing, and a closed-loop system for control signal instantaneous feedback, ensuring that every control is both quick and stable.
Combining with the control technology of mechanics, electrics and optics integration, to achieve automatic detection and accurate feedback.
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