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What Technical Developments Can We Expect in Tissue Converting Machinery?

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/12/11

The innovation of technology is integrated into the production equipment, which provides a better toilet paper machine and rewinder for the domestic paper industry, so as to meet the demand of maximizing customer profit with the best quality, efficiency and energy-saving, which will be the development direction of tissue converting machinery.

A tissue converting machinery needing to meet the production capacity of a high-speed paper machine, shorter charging time, higher efficiency becomes particularly important. Taking the automatic paper tail spray system for example, if a tissue converting machinery is equipped with an automatic paper tail spray system, intelligent rewinder can save the cost of tape and operation. When the rewinder changes, the waiting time can be ignored. The production of waste paper at the end of the paper is almost zero, and the paper roll is very clean and tidy. Therefore, the automatic paper tail spray system can effectively improve the efficiency and production capacity of the tissue converting machinery. The advantages of automatic paper tail spray include: its equipment is clean and hygienic, which can improve the safety of rewinder operators, reduce the operational workload of rewinder, and reduce the operator of the rewinder. Its paper cleanliness is improved and its performance is reliable. And it uses fewer mechanical components, so it requires less space and has a wide range of applicability. It uses hot melt adhesive technology, so it requires less maintenance. It is easier to clean than the traditional paper tail spray system. His waiting position is on the side of the paper.

Compared with the traditional paper tail spray system with 30 to 100 nozzles, the new system has only two nozzles. It requires less equipment. It is suitable for most rewinders. Its mechanical equipment is easy to install and the downtime of the rewinder is short. It can optimize with customers during boot. Servo technology can quickly and accurately control the position of glue spray to meet the different needs of customers. The automatic paper tail spraying equipment can spray glue quickly when the paper reaches the preset speed, the strip is straight, and the edge position and cutting point of the paper are reserved. The automatic glue spraying system and the speed of the paper sheet are coordinated to control the distance between the tape and the edge of the tail of the paper to achieve the best bonding position. All in all, it realizes high-efficiency production and has high applicability. The automatic paper tail spray system is suitable for most rewinders, and the project time is short. The high automation control system is suitable for different customer requirements. An automatic paper tail spray system improves the efficiency of rewinder, improves the quality of paper roll, reduces the work of operators and reduces the safety risk of operators. At the same time, the working environment has also been improved, making the tissue converting machinery area cleaner.

In addition, there are other technical developments can be expected in tissue converting machinery, for example, by adopting the function of automatic shaft drawing, shaft change and shaft falling, the degree of automation products can be improved, and the safety and the production efficiency are improved. So, this technology also has a good market prospect. So, tissue converting machinery has really a bright future, let's hope more and more technical developments contributing to this business.