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What is the Napkin Machine Operation Process?

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2020/01/13

As for the napkin machine, the napkin rewinder is a key part of it, which is the fastest running machine in the napkin machine with a speed of 1500 to 1800 m/min and a maximum of more than 3000 m/min. What does it work for? What are the requirements for the operation process?

First of all, napkin rewinder, according to the nature of the paper, can be divided into shaft winder and axleless winder. According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into single motor transmission and double motor transmission. According to its application, it can be divided into pre-rewinder, finished rewinder and special rewinder, in which the finished rewinder has upper paper rewinder and lower paper rewinder. The working principle of the napkin rewinder: the paper coil removed from the napkin machine is placed on the paper return rack, and the brake device on the return rack keeps the paper width in a certain tension, and makes the paper roll brake quickly when the paper is broken to reduce the paper loss. The paper is cut into the desired width by the paper-drawing roller and the longitudinal cutting mechanism, and then rolled into a paper roll according to the required tightness and diameter.

After getting to know the basic working principle, then it is easy to understand the napkin machine operation process. The technical procedures of the napkin rewinder are as follows: first of all, it accepts the PLC computer programming skills, the products in the rewinding process achieve the first tight and then lose multi-grade difference and other tightness, handling the products because of the permanent robbery storage paper core loose signs. Second of all, with stepless mediation, each efficacy can be independently manipulated. Third of all, the napkin rewinder adopts the manual release tube Moss, which saves time and effort. At the same time, the special release device for the user can save the management of the ground and complete the rewinding immediately after the reset rewinding. Fourth of all, the pneumatic adjustable products are rewinded and loosen, the diameter of the connecting products is the same. The fifth of all, the rewinder uses a high precision spiral soft knife, it uses 4-knife to punch hole, so the noise is low. The punch is clearer, the gearbox regulation category is bigger. Sixth of all, it uses a three-layer horizontal paper-back rack and a pneumatic wide-belt feeding paper, each set of base paper racks have a separate tension mediation device. Seventh of all, it accepts point-to-point embossing and has clear and elegant markings, and it is lightweight and can be deployed against steel-to-steel embossing on the basis of the user's necessary equipment. Last but not least, the cutting and rewinding machine comprises a rack and a cutting device, a belt feeding device, a belt releasing mechanism and at least one winding mechanism mounted on the rack. The cutting and rewinding machine mechanism includes a bonding device, a winding roller and a winding motor that drives the rolling roller.