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What Is A Lamination Hand Towel Machine?

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2020/03/06

The development and change of the hand towel paper industry are more significant than any field. Nowadays, the production flexibility requirements of hand-made paper are increasing, especially in the packaging process. The development of the household paper industry in the global key market, performance for product innovation and customized personalized program appeal. Based on this, enterprises must respond quickly and flexibly to market demand and strive to be close to the choice of the final consumer. No matter now and in the future, at home and abroad, manufacturers face new challenges, and the lamination hand towel machine is one of the new challenges.

The lamination hand towel paper machine is a new product which adopts foreign technology research, its design is advanced, the style is novel. It uses flat tape to feed the paper, so it can be adjusted at will. It uses machine steel roller embossing, so the embossing is very clear and chic. It uses fully vacuum adsorbed origami, which is not only neat and fast but also high efficiency. Its electromagnetic speed-regulating motor can achieve the machine at random speed, and thought the infrared tracking device, it can also achieve the effect of paper-breaking and paper-free automatic stop. In addition, it can add ink color printing devices according to customer's requests to realize the exquisite overprint of color printing and embossing, which is the most advanced equipment for producing hand towel paper in China. In recent years, hand towel paper has flourished in foreign countries instead of handkerchiefs. In some countries, hand towel paper is also produced in large quantities to keep public places clean. For ease of carrying, it is common to make flat toilet paper (220 mm long,220 mm wide) into hand towel paper, including 105 mm long, 60 mm wide, 20 mm thick,10 packs per bag, or 105 mm long, 60 mm wide, 10 mm thick,5 packs per bag. Hand towel paper can be folded into double W style or square. For beauty, some hand towel paper is printed on a variety of patterns with monochrome and multi-color. All these features need to be done by a certain device of lamination hand towel paper machine.

Technically speaking, a single-and-double-channel conveyor is designed for a lamination hand towel paper machine with a supporting plate at the lower part and wallboard at the outer part and a panel at the upper part. The upper part of the panel is provided with a beam frame, and the middle part of the panel is provided with a switch controller, the main channel and a secondary channel. One side of the main passage is provided with a seat plate and a limited package cylinder, and one side of the secondary passage is provided with a seat plate, a limited package cylinder and a push package cylinder. The seat plate is provided with a deceleration motor, synchronous belt wheel, active conveying roller and passive conveying roller. There is a conveyor belt between the active conveying roller and the passive conveying roller. The end of the panel is also provided with an aisle board. Its advantages are: not only the main engine and hand towel paper small charter machine can be used with a single machine, but also the main machine and hand towel paper small charter machine can be used with two machines. This not only improves the efficiency of the main engine, but also improves the packing speed of lamination hand towel paper machine, which creates good economic benefits for the manufacturer of lamination hand towel paper machine.