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BJ-SW200 Single Roll Wrapper 11

BJ-SW200 Single Roll Wrapper

  • Min. Order: 1

  • Payment term: T/T

  • Delivery time: 2 ~ 6 months

  • Shipping port: Foshan


Machine brief introduction

1.This machine is applicable for automatic single packing of cored roll, coreless roll, squashed coreless roll and kitchen towel roll, at stable production speed up to 160 packs/min;
2.Adopting servo motion controller to achieve intelligent control and stable running, able 1o provide software upgrade platform;
3.Auto stop feeding as no roll detected to avoid empty packing and reduce film consumption;
4.Concentrated control on HIM to make convenience;
5.Independent control on each sealing with intelligent thermometer;
6.Adopting high-precision photo-electric tracking system to achieve live monitoring,  ensuring precision and reliability;
7.Turning side ironing adopts servo motor to control roll prodding to position precisely.


Packing speed

Design speed: 220 packs/min

Production speed: 40 ~ 130 packs/min

Packing size

Diameter: φ90 ~ 125 mm

Length: 90 ~ 160 mm

Total power 

10 KW

Packing mode

Three dimension wrapping with ironing on two sides.

Machine noise

≤ 78 dB

Max.packing film width

450 mm

Packing film material

0.018 ~ 0.03 mm, OPP, PE, CPP, PT, etc.

Machine dimension

(L × W × H)

5400 × 2850 × 1680 mm

Machine weight

1500 KG



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