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The Difference Between Napkin Machine And Facial Tissue Machine

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2020/02/03

For napkin and facial tissue these two kinds of daily necessities, I think we should have a certain understanding, but do you know the machines that produce these two products? The napkin machine is used to process the raw material disk paper into napkin finished by embossing, folding, electronic counting and cutting, and the whole processing is completed by the double-layer embossed napkin machine in one operation. Embossing can be according to the needs of users to make a variety of different clear and beautiful patterns. Facial tissue machine is to cut the disk paper processing transactions folded into tissue paper, afterward put the box into a box-packing towel paper machine. When using, all you need to do is pick it out one by one out of the box, it's very convenient. Boxed facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption, automatic counting and stacking device, which has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity, and is the advanced equipment for the production of the boxed facial tissue machine.

Napkin machine is an overall statement. To put it bluntly, it may be easier to understand, that is, basically it means the leather-style napkin, the mini-type napkin, and the kind we use in KFC. Napkin machine is to cut the paper through embossing, folding, then cut into square or long paper towel. In fact, the napkin machine refers to three different folding paper towel equipment: wallet machine, handkerchief machine, napkin machine. The wallet machine and napkin machine can be done by changing the folding board, but the handkerchief paper machine must be different from other paper towel machines. Automatic embossing folding napkin machine is used to make raw material disk paper after embossing, folding, electronic counting, cutting into a clear pattern, neat and beautiful finished napkin. The whole processing is done by the machine at one time. Due to the high degree of automation, good processing quality and high production efficiency, it is ideal production equipment for paper products factories and urban and rural families to build factories. Printing can be made according to the needs of the user to make a variety of clear and beautiful patterns.

Facial tissue machines can be divided into three types such as extracted facial tissue machine, box-type facial tissue machine, mini-type facial tissue machine. The extracted facial tissue machine adopts a vacuum adsorption function to fold into the hinged paper by knife roller shearing. The box-type facial tissue machine is based on the cage-type rewinder, then cut into a piece of paper. Mini facial tissue machine is also known as a mini handkerchief paper machine, which is using vacuum adsorption folding molding. Therefore, the tissue paper machine can be divided into extracted facial tissue machine, box-type facial tissue machine and mini-type facial tissue machine. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the extraction machine, the mini-machine and the box-type machine are classified primarily as paper-based. The main difference between them is that the materials used to make tissue paper are different, and the folding forms are different. The first two are paper plates based. The extracted tissue paper machine is made of a piece of tissue paper that can be pulled out of a piece. And the mini-kerchief paper machine folded out of the product is also a sheet, the difference is that the product size is smaller.