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The Coorperation Between Baotuo Paper Machinery and Baosuo Group

  • Source: Baosuo
  • Date: 2018/09/04

Baosuo facial tissue machine  manufacturer, the leading corporation in China specialized in machinery for a tissue.


BaoTuo Paper Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd is one the Branch Company of the BaoSuo Group. BaoTuo is a Sino-Japan joint venture, specializing in Suction Former Yankee paper machine, Crescent Former Yankee paper machine, and TAD paper machine. Machine design paper width 2850-5600mm, speed up to 900-1600m/min, production capacity is 35-130t/d.BaoTuo(BT) paper machine can produce tissue paper from 13-45g/m², it can adopt various material. BT paper machine has the advantage of low energy consumption, Environmental protection ect, still 2018, BT had sold more than 126 paper machine already.

In the past middle of June 2018, BaoTuo had finished 4 tissue paper machines try out successfully. These 4 paper machines were pruchased by 3 different companies, including the second purchased by HengXin Paper Ltd,. And the first purchased by NanNing XiangLan Paper Ltd and GuangNing NanBao Paper Ltd,.

21st of June, XiangLan Paper first phase of 30000 tons project was sign at 6th July 2017, for 2 BC1300-2850 Paper Machines, with the paper width is 2850mm, speed up to 1300m/min, and the production capacity is 16500 ton/year. BaoDing HengXin Paper Ltd, No.7 Paper machine, which is the same model as No.6 Paper Machine launch at Oct 2017. The Paper Machine with the paper width is 3550mm, speed up to 1200m/min, and the production capacity is 18000 ton/year. In the same day, GuangNing NanBao Paper Ltd, the BaoTuo SF900-2860 Paper Machine try out successfully, with the paper width is 2860mm, speed up to 900m/min, and the production capacity is 12000 ton/year.

What’s more,seeking for the common development of the company and society, Baosuo industrial roll machine will cooperate with each other to make a brilliant future together.