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Reasons Why You Can Invest In Facial Tissue Paper Production Line

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/11/12

There are basically three reasons why you can invest in the facial tissue paper production line as below.

First of all, the demand for facial tissue paper is beyond your imagination. Because of the convenience of facial tissue paper, it is loved by the majority of consumers. At the same time, the outer packaging of facial tissue paper can also be customized according to different businesses, so facial tissue paper is slowly popularized to all hotels and every family. Its advantage is that when you use it, you only need to pull it out of the box or bag. This method is very convenient, so it is loved by us. Therefore, people like to put a bag or a box of facial tissue paper in the living room for their family and visiting friends to use. Many friends also like to put facial tissue paper in the car, so they can use them as wish. As for your information, there are 1.4 billion people in China and there are 340 million motor vehicles. Therefore, now that the supply of paper is in short supply, there are many friends who want to invest in this industry.

Second of all, the facial tissue paper production line is very simple. The facial tissue paper adopts vacuum adsorption technology, automatic stacking counting function, which has the advantages of fast-folding and neatly folding, simple operation and so on. After folding, the paper is packed into a box of towels, and the paper is packed into a plastic bag by a soft extractor to become a soft axis tissue. The equipment used in the general small-sized facial tissue paper production line is three rows of paper extractors and soft blanching packaging machines. Medium and large facial tissue paper production line will choose five or seven rows of facial tissue paper machine, and then with an automatic rotary paper cutting machine, packaging with automatic facial tissue paper packaging machine. Facial tissue paper production line needs an 1880 toilet paper rewinder, band saw paper cutting machine, water-cooled sealing machine. So, for the facial tissue paper production line, it only needs three kinds of machines. All in all, the facial tissue paper production line is automatic. And from raw material disk paper to finished product facial tissue paper, facial tissue paper is a very simple processing industry, that is, raw material plate paper is purchased directly from raw material manufacturers. The raw materials are placed on the paper rack of the paper extractor. After starting and running, the paper extractor automatically counts, folds automatically, and then processes out the facial tissue paper.


In the end, all you have to do is pack them with a packaging machine, and after packing them, you just send them to the market.
The facial tissue paper is a consumable, which consumers use a lot, so, it has a great competitive advantage in the market. Its manipulation process is simple and can save our costs to the greatest extent. Both of these are the foundation of making a profit, so it is very promising to invest in the facial tissue paper production line.