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Napkin Machine And Toilet Paper Machine

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2020/02/26

Relatively speaking, from the concept of the development of the whole industry, domestic paper automatic paper machine series of equipment, such as napkin machine, toilet paper machine, with the original equipment, improve the degree of automation of customer production, and the production efficiency is greatly improved, which reduces the labor intensity and save the production costs and enhance the market competitiveness of toilet paper machine and napkin machine.

First of all, with extractive napkin machine and large rotary paper cutting machine and three-dimensional packaging machine line forming a production line, it greatly improves the company's napkin machine cost-effective. Extractive napkin machine uses advanced control procedures, frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be automatically counted stacked. Through the man-machine interface parameter input display control system, its automation degree is high, the work is stable and reliable. The large rotary paper cutting machine is controlled by an independent servo system, the length and height of cutting can be adjusted, and its cut is flat and accurate. At the same time, the napkin machine is equipped with the advanced photoelectric detection system, a large diameter rotary cutter, which not only can bring accurate cutting, but also can reach 100 cutting in one minute. The 3D packaging machine adopts frequency conversion infinitesimal speed control system, touch screen and PLC control system. The man-machine interface display is clearer and easier to maintain. It is easy to connect with the automatic production line by adopting the automatic material conveying tail frame, so the labor cost saving is more obvious. These three equipments formed the assembly line: the base paper was folded into the napkin paper through the napkin machine, which is sent to the large rotary paper cutting machine by manual transfer to the conveying structure, cut into the napkin paper of predetermined size and then automatically sent to the automatic packing machine for sealing and packing.

Second of all, the large automatic toilet paper machine is the most cost-effective toilet paper production machine at present. Its main features are as follows: firstly, toilet paper machine is with no manual paper-piercing tube, automatic paper-rolling function. So, automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing and other steps can be completed synchronously, which greatly saves manpower and improves the automation of the machine. The toilet paper machine can be automatically converted between cores and non-cores, and the finished product can achieve multi-level tightness after rewinding. This machine has advanced technology, stable working performance and fast running speed. It is the advanced equipment for producing toilet paper rolls at present, and is the best equipment for producing toilet paper. It adopts an automatic pipe-off replacement device, no need to wear a paper tube manually. In the whole process, with the automatic drop rod, automatic pull shaft, no core rewinding, automatic molding, it truly achieves the performance of the rewinding host unattended. What's more, the toilet paper machine uses the front and rear point switch to pull the base paper, which is easier and safer to operate. It uses the base paper monitoring system, in the process of high-speed operation of the base paper real-time monitoring, which ensures the normal operation of the toilet paper machine.