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Leaders of Paper Associations of Various Provinces Visit Baosuo Enterprise

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/06/11

On the afternoon of June 5th, Mr. Lu Yongsong and Ms. Chen Zhu, the Chairman and Secretary General of the Paper Industry Association of Guangdong Province, led a visiting group which includes the members and leaders in the paper associations from various provinces of the country, to visit Baosuo Enterprise. Accompanied by Mr. Pu Zhishu, Executive Director Assistant of Foshan Baosuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the visiting group visited the company and gave guidance.

leaders of paper associations visit baosuo

The leaders of the association visited the three production bases of Baosuo paper machine Enterprise in Foshan: the production base of Xia Nan in Guicheng, the production base of Baosuo Enterprise Headquarters, and the production base of Chencun in Shunde. The leaders from various provinces of paper associations have fully affirmed the innovation ability and scientific and technological strength of Baosuo Enterprise!

Guicheng Xia Nanyi Production Base

guicheng xia nanyi production base

Baosuo Enterprise Headquarters Production Base

baosuo enterprise headquarters production base

Shunde Chencun Production Base
shunde chencun production base

Afterward, all the people came to the Baosuo Marketing Center, and Mr. Peng Jinchao, the executive director, gave an introduction of the development and transformation of Baosuo Enterprise in recent years.

baosuo marketing center

The introduction was given by Mr. Peng Jinchao mainly included three aspects: Baosuo enterprise's innovation history, market development, and industry prospects. Besides, Mr. Peng Jinchao also promoted the turnkey solution of papermaking intelligent equipment offered by Baosuo, Baotuo, and Baojin. The leaders of the paper associations in various provinces analyzed the development of the household paper industry in the Guangdong province. Both sides exchanged opinions and ideas, and were full of confidence to the future of tissue paper!