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How To Maintain The Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine?

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2020/01/21

Whether it is household appliances or other manufacturing equipment, of course including the toilet paper rewinding machine, we should focus on maintenance, so that the service life of the machine will be longer. Once the toilet paper rewinding machine is out of order, we will have to spend a lot of money on it. Once the toilet paper rewinding machine fails in operation, it not only affects the progress of the project, but also increases the maintenance cost, and wastes manpower, material resources and financial resources. Therefore, daily maintenance is essential to the toilet paper rewinding machine. In order to prevent the serious malfunction of the toilet paper rewinding machine, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding troubleshooting and diagnosis work in time, so as to promote its normal operation and prolong its service life, improve the efficiency of industrial production and ensure the economic benefit of the enterprise. The following is a brief description of the daily maintenance of the toilet paper rewinding machine for your reference.

First of all, as for the toilet paper rewinding machine transmission, such as gear chain, you'd better regularly add butter to it. Second of all, the toilet paper rewinding machine is generally no problem, the simple loss is the pinion. The wool rollers will become thinner after a long time in use and need to return to the original factory for renovation. Third of all, the voltage of the toilet paper rewinding machine should be stable, or simply burn the motor. The fourth of all is to pay attention to hygiene, do not let debris fall between steel rollers and wool rollers. The fifth of all, do a good job of equipment lubrication, fastening and other maintenance measures, and check all parts including clean air, oil, fuel filters and so on. Sixth of all, in addition to lubrication, the first is to take a close look at it, for your information, adjustment is the main point. Specifically, the first things to see are the engine of the equipment, the clutch, the transmission, the transmission organization, the steering and braking organization, the operating device, the hydraulic system and the electrical system. Seventh of all, pay attention to the necessary equipment replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting operations. The last but not the least, the maintenance staff should check the operation of the toilet paper rewinding machine once a day, and deal with the problem immediately. Check the upper and lower chain tensioning wheel to see whether the adjustment bolt is flexible and reliable and whether the tightness is consistent. As for the upper feeding roller, you need to maintain the universal driveshaft to keep flexible sliding. As for the toilet paper rewinding machine, each part of the shaft transfer should be in good condition and no abnormal heating, what's more, add oil to it at least once a week. At the same time, check the reducer oil level at any time, change oil every 3 months to clean, tooth oil must be filtered.

Only by insisting on the daily maintenance of the equipment can we prolong the practical life of the components, prolong the wear period of the mechanical parts, prevent the occurrence of accidents, strive for the equipment to work steadily for a long time, and achieve the technical performance of the equipment. Therefore, whether it is for the equipment operator or the equipment repairman, the maintenance of the toilet paper rewinding machine is very important.