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Behind the Scenes of the Converting Process:How A Tissue Paper Machine Works

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/11/22

Tissue paper machine is a kind of special equipment for paper, film and so on. Its purpose is to rewinder the paper rolls produced by the paper machine in turn, and the paper is made into finished paper after rewinding. At present, it has become a development trend for rewinder to replace DC drive with AC drive in the papermaking machinery industry. The paper roll rolled by the paper coiling machine is relatively soft, there may be breakage or broken ends inside, the edges on both sides are irregular, most kinds of paper must go through the rewinder edge cutting, cutting, joint, and finally rewinding on the core of the paper roll, through these processes to form a certain specification, certain tightness requirements of the finished paper roll, so that it can leave the factory to the market. The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks, removes the wool edge of the base paper, cuts the whole piece of the original paper into several widths that conform to the user's specifications, and controls the roll diameter of the finished paper roll to make it conform to the factory specification.

The tissue paper machine adopts PC or manual control, the performance is reliable and the degree of automation is high, which can automatically identify error commands to avoid accidents caused by wrong operations. It can lock in the pre-compiled process, which is that the operator cannot change without authorization to ensure the quality of pressed products. The tissue paper machine has the functions of timing opening, automatic venting, automatic pressure replenishment and so on. It has three operation modes: manual, automatic and electric. Its electric heating press uses the digital display to control the temperature, through which the temperature of the heating plate can be controlled and displayed.

The tissue paper machine should do the following preparatory work before the trial operation: add lubricating oil according to the requirements of equipment technical documents. Remember to rewinder gear meshing place, with seat bearing oil injection hole and each moving part with oil lubrication. When adding lubricating oil, please take care not to drop the oil on the transmission belt to prevent slippage loss or belt aging damage. There should be a gap between the longitudinal tool shafts, and the size of the clearance should meet the requirements of the technical documents of the equipment. The piston rod of the push and unload device shall be in a non-working position. The product quality certificate should be checked before the rewinder is assembled, and the specifications and models of the equipment should conform to the requirements of the design document.

The tissue paper machine must be operated by fixed personnel who can master the machine, bag-making procedures, simple instrument debugging and change parameters and so on. Mechanical instrument debugging personnel must go through the manufacturer strict, who can master the instrument performance, working procedures, operating mode, working status, common troubleshooting and handling. It is strictly forbidden to operate computer instrument without personnel. The daily maintenance of rewinder must ensure that the computer instrument box inside and outside clean and dry, regular inspection wiring terminal is not loose, shedding phenomenon, but also to ensure that the circuit, gas flow.