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YCF-B High Speed Napkin Folder(1-2 color printing)

  • Min. Order: 1

  • Payment term: T/T

  • Delivery time: 2 ~ 6 months

  • Shipping port: Foshan


1. Stable production speed up to 800 sheets/min, up to 500 sheets/min when with printing unit, 1/4 folding;
2. High automation, opto-mechatronics control technology, and automatic stop when tissue winding around embossing roll;
3. Steel to paper embossing roll with pneumatic pressurization function. Double embossing unit, steel to rubber and steel to felt embossing rolls are optional;
4. Two colors close chamber printing unit. Optional: ordinary printing unit by ink vibrator, or one color printing.
5. Main transmission parts and folding unit with safety cover;
6. Application to various raw paper, and napkins with various specification and grades.

YCF-B High Speed Napkin Folder (1-2 color printing

Finished Products Unfolded Size

200 × 200 ~ 460 × 460 mm

Folded Size

100 × 100 ~ 230 × 230 ±2 mm (Width is adjustable)

Row Material Diameter

≤ Φ 1200 mm

Machine Speed

0 ~ 300  m/min

Core Size of Jumbo Roll

Φ76.2 mm (Other size are available)

Embossing System

Steel to felted, steel to rubber, steel to paper, steel to steel


Counter System

Electronic counting

Jumbo Roll Loading System

Pneumatic loading



1550 kg ~ 3000 kg (Depend on the machine model)


Printing Unit

Flexo Printing 1 ~ 2 colors

Driving system

Timing belt, gear-box

*Standard model: 230, 240, 250, 275, 300, 330, 400, 460

*Other specification are available to your requirement.



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