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Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2020/03/05

First of all, the paper belt of the fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine is driven by the triangle belt through the stepless speed regulating wheel. When the output torque of the speed regulating wheel is large, the triangle belt of the transmission is located near the outer edge of the speed regulating wheel, and the transmission speed will be more stable. In order to achieve such a stable transmission effect, by gradually adjusting the speed ratio of the main gearbox, the winding roller line speed is slower. At the same time, it is possible to adjust each speed-adjusting handwheel of the paper feeding belt of the original paper frame, so that the three sets of transmission triangle belts are in the reasonable position on the outer edge of the stepless speed regulating wheel, until the winding roller is consistent with the wire speed of the paper feeding belt.

Second of all, the fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adjusts the post-pressing roll-pressing gap, allowing the paper to be transported smoothly between the paper belt and the reel. The back roller is the middle part of the paper transmission process. If the adjusted gap is too small, the paper is easy to wrinkle and droop. If the gap is too large, the three layers of paper will not fit together and the fault will affect the speed and rewinding quality of the paper. After adjusting the paper roller, it should be from small to large slowly increasing the gap, so that the paper just does not wrinkle and not droop and can lock the positioning screw. The fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine operates through the automatic acceleration and deceleration program to control the frequent start and stop, and completes the automatic trimming and sealing and rewinding. therefore, the stability of the transmission speed ratio of the gearbox is required. The slip and jump of the chain can be avoided by tensioning its internal and external chains, which makes the speed more stable than the frequent acceleration and deceleration. For the tensioned upper edge of the tooth chain, the tool can be pulled up and down by the range of about 5~8 mm.

The last but not the least, before rewinding the paper with the curved shaft of the fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine, the whole paper is still a smooth transition shaft. Its position and working radians not only affect the smoothness of the paper, but also affect the stability of the paper transmission. When the arc shaft is too high, the paper is scratched by the punching knife. When the shaking is large, it is easy to break the paper. When the position is too low, the paper scraping to punch the low knife, it is easy to break. Generally, the position height of the arc shaft should be adjusted, when the paper is passed through the punching knife, the bottom layer is 5~8 mm higher than the bottom knife. The smaller the arc axis, the better. In this way, the paper will not wrinkle.