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Fully Automatic Tissue Paper Single Toilet Roll Packing Machine

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/11/30

Fully automatic tissue paper single toilet roll packing machine, also known as toilet paper flattening bag sealing machine, is a packaging machine by collecting flattening, bagging and sealing as one. It uses conveyor belt automatic transportation, manually put the paper on the conveyor belt, automatically feed the paper by the conveyor belt, press flat and then seal the bag. The equipment is faster and more labor-saving, with an average of about 10 packs per minute. The automatic paper roll packaging machine adopts advanced PLC computer programming control, liquid crystal text display parameters, and it's easy to set. It uses water cooling control, so temperature control is more accurate, more effective protection of heating wire and high temperature resistant adhesive cloth. Its packaging sealing effect is beautiful, neat, accurate control and positioning, so it is a good tool for processing finished toilet paper.

The machine required for a toilet paper production line is determined according to its specific configuration. For example, small toilet paper processing plants generally prefer an 1880 toilet paper rewinder, a band sawing machine, a water-cooled sealing machine. This set of machines is a total of these three machines, one equipment operated by one person at the time of production, plus one person in the bag, a total of four people is needed to produce. In addition, you can also choose three meters automatic toilet paper rewinding machine, automatic rotary paper cutting machine, flattening bag sealing machine, this set of machine automation degree is relatively high, only two people are responsible for toilet paper packaging.

In fact, the processing of toilet paper can be summarized into three processes, that is, rewinding, cutting and packaging. First of all, we prepare the materials needed to produce toilet paper, such as toilet paper raw materials, large shaft paper and toilet paper packaging bags. Then toilet paper rewinder automatically rewinding, full embossing, drilling, glue finishing. At this time is produced is a long strip of toilet paper, the next process is to cut it into our common size of toilet paper size, that is, the paper machine cut toilet paper process. Then the packaging is processed, the cut toilet paper is packed in the bag, and then packaged by the sealing machine or packaging machine, and then it can be sold on the market.

Before choosing toilet paper processing equipment, we should first do a good job of toilet paper processing plant investment budget. Because the whole process will involve a lot of things, first of all, the investment of toilet paper processing equipment, whether to choose a small 1880, or a high degree of fully automatic tissue paper single toilet roll packing machine. Then there is the preparation of the factory building, whether to rent a house or build its own steel structure of the house. In addition, it is the purchase cost of raw materials and bags, labor wages and so on. After thinking about this, we can better prepare the toilet paper processing plant. Hopefully, a fully automatic tissue paper single toilet roll packing machine can contribute during the process.