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YC-PL Fully Automatic Napkin Production Line

  • Min. Order: 1

  • Payment term: T/T

  • Delivery time: 2 ~ 6 months

  • Shipping port: Foshan



Jumbo Roll Width

240 ~ 800 mm

Design Speed

500 m/min

Folding Type

Mechanical Folding

Open Size

240 × 240 ~ 340 × 340

Folded Size

120 × 120 ~ 170 × 170 ±2 mm

Jumbo Roll Diameter

≤ φ2000 mm

Jumbo Roll Core Inside Diameter

Φ76.2 mm (For other size please special)

Embosser System

Steel to leather roll, steel to steel

Web Basic Weight (gsm)

Single layer l5 ~ 30 g/m², 1 ~ 3 Layer


Automatic Transfer Device

Transfer Function

Servo control and photoelectric control lead to automatic transfer.

Sheets Amount Tracking

High-accuracy servo encoder

Transfer Sheet Count Adjustment

Seton control panel

Sheet Count Range

30 ~ 150 sheets

Transfer speed

Maximum 15 times/min/line


Band Saw Cutting Device

Band Saw Size

4280 * 30 * 0.8

Grinding Wheel Size

125 * 20 * 20 / 100 #

Band Saw Sharpening

Motor-driven.parameter can be set on control panel

Sharpen Dust Suction System

Dust suction system central zed treatment Sharpen


Packing Machine Parameters

Range of Application

Disposable paper, such as facial tissue, towel, napkin

Packing Material Supply Mode

ASF-typed fully automatic intelligent material supply

Packing speed

≤ 70 packs/min

Packing Type

3D wrapping, sealing on both sides

Paper Length Scope

100 mm ~ 200 mm

Paper Height Scope

40 mm ~ 100 mm

Paper Width Scope

95 mm ~ 105 mm

Overall Size

Length 5370 mm, Width 3630 mm, Height 1850 mm


≦ 2500 KG

Maximum Diameter of Film Roll

450 mm

Core Diameter of Film Roll

75 mm

Maximum Width of Film

340 mm

Film Type

0.035 ~ 0.05 mm CPP two side sealable film,

OPP / CPP double-layer composite film


Embosser Device

Embosser Speed Adjustment

Set on control panel

Embosser Roll Material

High-strength alloy steel with special treatment

Pressurizing Mode


Lubrication Mode

Gear oil lubrication



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