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BJ-FW30 Facial Tissue Single Wrapper

  • Min. Order: 1

  • Payment term: T/T

  • Delivery time: 2 ~ 6 months

  • Shipping port: Foshan


Machine brief introduction
1. This machine can bundle single-packed facial tissue, hand towel, napkin automatically at stable production speed of 20 bundle/min;
2. The rolls counting, line-up, rolls pushing, bag pulling, bag delivery, etc. Are all controlled by servo system, which makes easy operation and convenient maintenance;
3. Central vacuum management is adopted on the machine, which lowers the energy consumption;
4. The sealing adopts the mode of alternating control and top-bottom heating, which satisfies customer's various requirements on film thickness, inner printing, outer printing, packing -terial density variation, etc., ensuring strong film adaptability, nice sealing and stable running;
5. This machine is equipped with functions of bag opening protection, non-stop waste bag elimination, air source management, servo overload protection;
6. Vacuum shaping is adopted to ensure stab e and nice shaping performance;
7. Single row bundling and double row bundling are interchangeable, which makes easy specs switching, convenient operation and high efficiency.

BJ-FW30 Facial Tissue Single Wrapper

Packing speed

Design speed: 30 bundles/min

Production speed: 9 ~ 20 bundles/min






Packing specification

Single row: 1 × 3, 1 × 4, 1 × 5

Single product size:

L: 125 mm ~ 200 mm

W: 95 ~ 105 mm

H: 40 mm ~ 100 mm

Double row: 2 × 3, 2 × 4, 2 × 5

Single product size:

L: 105 mm ~ 160 mm

W: 95 ~ 105 mm

H: 40 mm ~ 100 mm

Pre-made bag installation structure

Hanging symmetric double bag storage

Pre-made bag storage

≤ 600 pieces

Total power

17.57 KW

Compressed air

Compressed air pressure ≥ 0.5 MPA

Air source pressure ≥ 360 L/min

Pre-made bag material

CPP, PE, matt film, complex film

Machine dimension

7100 × 2300 × 1850 mm

Machine weight

2600 Kg



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