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BAOTUO Crescent Former Tissue Machines

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/08/05

Baotuo Papermaking Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-speed tissue machine under the Baosuo Group. Since its establishment, the company has been paying attention to the harmonious coexistence of human beings with society, nature and the environment. It has always taken "technology as treasure, innovation and development" as the guiding ideology, based on professionalism and determined to enhance innovation and research and development capabilities.

Baotuo Tissue Machines have three main models: suction former machine, crescent former tissue machine and TAD hot breeze penetrating multi-function tissue machine. The tissue machine design covers 2,850 to 5,600 mm wide, 900 to 1,600 meters per minute speed, 35 tons per day to 130 tons per day production capacity, meeting the requirement of basic weight ranging from 13 to 45 GSM, allowing a wide range of raw materials, and quality adaptability.


In the process of absorption and application of tissue-making equipment technology in the field of tissue paper, after years of independent research and development, as well as integration of advanced technologies in Europe and America, Baotuo crescent former tissue machines TAD hot breeze penetration multi-function tissue machine has been fully adapted to the various needs of local production companies. The superior performance of these tissue machines has been fully utilized. Comparing to suction former tissue machine, Baotuo crescent former tissue machine has the advantages of wider jumbo roll width, higher speed, better bulkiness and higher capacity.

In another application example of Baotuo's general contracting project, two sets of C1100 crescent former high-speed tissue machines that were put into operation in November 2016 and June 2017 in Hebei Baoding Ju'run Paper Co., Ltd., running at the speed of 1,100 meter per minute, jumbo roll width 3.55 meters, and the daily capacity of a single machine is 55 tons.



These two sets of tissue machine have reasonable layout structures, stable operations and high levels automation. The stock preparation system adopts a 40 cubic meters medium density hydraulic pulper, which is equipped with a chain conveyor to feed up to 20 packs each time. This is about two hundred to two hundred and fifty kilograms of wood pulp per pack, greatly reduces the labor intensity.

Under the double guarantee of disk filter fiber recycling system and high-definition filter, the white water treatment system can recycle up to 98%, satisfying the white water use during pulping and concentration processes. The minimum freshwater consumption is only 4 tons per ton tissue production. Furthermore, the recycled fiber can be directly used to return to the pulp matching pool, and the consumption of pulp only 1.04 tons per ton tissue production.

The high-strength polyurethane-coated vacuum touch roll will take off a large amount of moisture from the wet tissue sheet in front of the high-efficiency energy-saving steel dryer. The cylinder surface of the unique metal spraying process is protected by a high-quality chemical coating, and the creping blade can peel off the tissue from the cylinder surface easily at 25-degree angle. The automatic dust suction device can greatly improve the working environment of the workshop.

The Baotuo tissue machine series covers all categories of tissue-making equipment, which promotes the brand and meets the production needs of different customers to the greatest extent. As part of the equipment from the overall turn-key solution of Baosuo Group, Baotuo tissue machines are dedicated to creating higher value and a better experience to all of our customers.