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How To Select A Suitable Production Line?

  • Source: baosuo
  • Date: 2019/11/15

A suitable production line can save you a lot of trouble and bring you the profit at the maximum, so, today let's talk about how to select a suitable production line by taking toilet paper production line for example.

First of all, before choosing and purchasing toilet paper machinery, we should have an understanding of this set of equipment. Toilet paper machinery is a set of equipment for processing toilet paper, which is generally composed of toilet paper rewinder, paper cutting machine and sealing packaging machine. Each machine has a different model. Therefore, as for the different models of machine automation degree, equipment price and output are different. If you have enough budget, you can choose the 1880 toilet paper production line or the 3000 full-automatic toilet paper rewinder if you want to choose a high degree of automation and to save manual machines. At the same time, the machine can produce about three tons of toilet paper. With the increasing width of the base paper produced by the toilet paper production line, the model of the toilet paper processing equipment will increase gradually. In this way, the more the raw paper that can be processed by the toilet paper processing apparatus, the higher the yield thereof, of course, the more expensive the toilet paper processing apparatus is.

Second of all, machine function is also an important factor in determining the price of toilet paper processing equipment. For example, the toilet paper rewinder has the functions of full embossing, automatic drilling, automatic rewinding, automatic glue spray finish, and the ordinary band saw paper cutter needs manual to assist the completion, with these functions, the automatic rotary paper cutter can automatically cut. The water-cooled sealing machine needs manual bag sealing while the automatic packing sealing machine can automatically flatten the bag sealing, which only needs one person to operate. The more automated the toilet paper processing equipment, the less labor is used, but the more expensive the toilet paper processing equipment is.

We can basically judge the price of toilet paper processing machine from the points introduced above. As for the specific choice of which model and configuration, we need to decide according to their own situation. Generally speaking, as for the most suitable suggestion for those investors who have just joined the industry, we sincerely recommend you that it's much better to choose a standard 1880 toilet paper processing equipment at first, with the increase in production and sales, and then you can slowly add equipment related to the toilet paper production line. This will help you save costs, make more use of your capital, and allow you to use the most appropriate inputs to produce the best output. In this way, the whole toilet paper production line can also be in a reasonable cycle state. When you come to a certain point of the toilet paper production line, you can advance all the toilet paper machine to make your production line update into another high lever to make more production capacity.